Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Dress Patterns - Easy Baby Sundress

Baby Dress Patterns - Easy Baby Sundress

Baby dress patterns don't need to be complicated! This simple one uses only three different pieces yet the dress is an adorable little sundress with shoulder ties. This is the base of so many sundresses you'll see come spring and summer and can be embellished and given your own finishing touches.

Try lace edges, colorful trim, patch pockets, a layered skirt, embroidery and different fabric selection to give the baby dress your own style.

As always, we provide the basics for your jumping off point, you provide the oomph in your own details and customizations that you'll add! Take this basic idea and turn it into your own style. Our instructions show a lined bodice but an unlined skirt, you may choose to line the skirt if you like. Lighter, quilting weight cottons work well for this dress.

1) First, cut out all of your pieces. Four rectangles for straps, four bodice pieces and two skirt panels for an unlined skirt. If you need sizing help (who doesn't! I can't freehand sizes accurately!) a good tip is to lay down a baby shirt in the size you need and use that as your size guide for the bodice, only be sure to add an inch all around for seam allowance. The straps are about six inches long and the skirt is about nine inches long. The dress shown fits a six month old. Fold over your straps and sew, right sides together.

2) Use a pencil or chopstick to help you turn your straps right side out. You should have four straps.

3) Now lay down and pin your strap to the right side of two bodice pieces, pointing inward. Next, lay down the second layer of your bodice piece on top, right side facing in. This means that after sewing the edges, you'll turn it right side out and the straps will be sewn in place.

4) Sew along the top edges as shown in the above photo in red. You can see the straps on the inside with the right sides of the fabric facing each other in the second photo. Repeat with the other two straps and bodice.

5) Now turn them right side out and you should have two complete bodice parts (front and back) with the straps securely attached. Now sew your front and back together at the sides, under the armpit. Again, place right sides together and sew, then turn right side out.

6) Next, get to work on the skirt. Place right sides together of your skirt panels and sew sides together. Turn and press the bottom inch of the hem under and sew the hem all the way around the circle of the skirt.

7) Finally, you'll sew the top bodice to the skirt of the baby dress! This again, is working from the inside out so be sure to pin all the way around and even turn right side out while pinned to make sure you have it done correctly. Turn your skirt inside out and then lay the bodice down inside of the skirt as shown. The blue fabric shown will be the inside of the bodice, against the baby. Pin and sew all the way around.

8) Now the exciting part...turn it right side out and see your beautiful and simple dress! The shoulder ties should be long enough to make little bows at the shoulders. I like to line the bodice with a contrasting color as shown below, but you certainly can just use the same fabric for both sides

Enjoy! See? Baby dress patterns do not have to be hard, this one is easy and very quick to sew once you've got your pieces cut out. Our dress shown is very simple, don't be scared to get funky with it and add trim, pockets, embroidery, patches...and more

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