Friday, June 1, 2012

Cap for Newborn Baby

Cap for Newborn Baby

Medium weight cotton knits are best for these caps

Cut out twice, stitch together along long sides to make tube (good sides together), both ends should still be open. Turn good side out, fold 'tube' into itself and close remaining gap using serger or zig-zag stitch.


Jill of All Trades said...

So cute. Getting ready to have our first grandchild, a girl. May have to try this.

Prima said...

Hi, I've discovered your blog through bsn and you are amazing!
I know the hard work it takes to maintain a sewing blog and I definitely appreciate the hard work you've done with yours.
I'm definitely following and have added your button :-)

Kristas Handmades said...

@Jill of All Trades. I'm expecting in Oct. so I've made a few and I love them. Can't wait to use them :)

@Prima, I added your button and tried to follow you but linky won't let me log in, so I emailed them and will follow once I'm able to log in. Love the making liquid soap out of bar soap and will definately be trying it.

Hana said...

love these. now only if i could actually get my youngest one to wear hats!! and if i didnt live in south florida!
found you on BSN and now following!!
come check my blog out at


Kristas Handmades said...

@Hana, I love your site and will definately return. That pillow mattress looks so comfy. I am following you.